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What browsers are supported by eCAPS? eCAPS supports the following browsers on all devices:
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft® Edge
  • Google® Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
Note: Minimum supported screen or window width is 768 pixels.
How are the products sorted? Greenheck wants to provide you the best product for your needs. The products are sorted by ranking. The ranking is Greenheck's best estimate of customer value, based on price and performance.
How do I find additional product information?
To view additional product information in the selection grid click on the gear icon in the column heading.
Column Chooser drop down
Selecting the "Column Chooser" option will open a dialog where you can add or hide any column in the grid to customize it to your needs.
Column Chooser Dialog
Note: Different columns are available in different grids. Greenheck has catered the list to make sure you only view relevent information.
Can I share an eCAPS job with other people? Simply click the button located on the left hand side menu of the equipment list. Type in the name and email address of the person you would like to send it to, and select send.
How do I login to eCAPS? eCAPS uses the same log in as your MyGreenheck account. Simply type in your email and password and you will be able to log in. If you do not have an account, click Register, and apply for an account.
How do I open an eCAPS job in CAPS?
  1. Open eCAPS, and load your job.
  2. Click "Download" (Found in the left hand menu of the equipment list page).
  3. Select "CAPS File Export" from the dialog.
  4. Select "Download Now" to download the file to your device (by default it goes to your browser's download folder) or select "Email" and the file will be sent to the email address associated with your MyGreenheck account.
  5. Open the job file by double-clicking it or by opening CAPS and selecting "Import eCAPS job..." from the File menu.
  6. The Mark import screen opens with all marks selected. Click "OK" to import them into CAPS.
  7. Now name your job, and your file import is complete.
How do I get Revit and CAD drawings?
Click on the model name anywhere in the project. Mouse over the quick jump bar on the left-hand side of the dialog and click on "Drawings". This will jump you to all available Revit and CAD files for your selected product.
How do I get an equipment schedule?
  1. After adding products to the equipment schedule click the schedule icon to go to the equipment schedule.
  2. Once you've reordered the columns to your liking. Click Download .

  3. From this dialog you can download to your device or have emailed to your MyGreenheck email address:
    • An equipment schedule as a CSV
    • An submittal as a PDF
    • A CAPS job based on your current schedule
    Note: Downloading more than one file type will generate a ZIP file containing the requested files.
What is the caution (caution) symbol used for? To assist you, the caution symbol will appear in seven different conditions:


  1. The operating speed is within 5% of the fan's maximum RPM.
  2. The operating curve is within 12% of the max system curve.
  3. The CFM of the fan is under the requested CFM.
  4. The CFM of the fan is significantly over the requested CFM.
  5. When the bhp is within 10% of the max motor size.


  1. The velocity is within 10% of the maximum velocity.
  2. The actual pressure is over the requested pressure drop.


  1. When the Actual Throat Velocity is within 10% of max for each model.
  2. When the Actual Pressure Drop is over the user requested pressure drop.


  1. The Enthalpy Recovery Ratio is under 50%. ASHRAE 90.1/IECC requires it to be at least 50%.
NOTE: You can still select a fan with a caution (caution) symbol. It is just cautioning you.
How do I find what's new in eCAPS? To locate what's new in this release of eCAPS, simply click on the release number at the bottom of the landing page of eCAPS. This will open the release notes to tell you what's been updated in the last few releases of eCAPS so you always know what has been updated.
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